Redhat Killer by HTC Vive Originals, Metaverse Entertainment Opens a New Era at Beatday!

 is launching a debut of their latest metaverse project on the platform . The story of “Light the Night: Redhat Killer” is adapted from the sensational drama series “Light the Night,” which was set in the early 80s and became an exemplary Taiwanese series in recent years. It overwhelmed the audiences throughout whole Asia from 2021~2022. “The Future Version” sets in a backdrop of a world where androids and humans cohabit 600 years later. It’s a new revolution and it’s a new entertainment business model, it will debut not only through VR theatres, but also combined with gaming and concerts. The debut at MWC at Barcelona 2023 received much attention and good feedback all over the world.

is a multi-entertainment metaverse. It is accessible for the cross-device entertaining and, of course, immersive contents including music, theatre art, gaming and more. Unlike past 360 VR films, the performance on BEATDAY is shot through volumetric capture, allowing the audience to act as the “director” of the film and explore the holographic performance freely with no blind spot. Here is what you can expect on BEATDAY: Everyone has their own unique avatar. Concert-themed items and outfits can be purchased at the platform shop, or obtained by participating in mini-games and limited-time events. Not only just that, your avatar can attend various events, by hiding behind your second character, you can show the world who you really are.